Registration and investment tutorial in Quantum

4 easy steps to register and make your first investment on the Quantum platform.

Register in Quantum

Step 1

Register in Quantum

Enter the Quantum registration screen by clicking on the "Register" button that is below.

Fill in the form fields and click "Send".

Create the invoice in Quantum

Step 2

Create the invoice

When you log in, you can create your first invoice to activate the Quantum package:
In the "Enter the amount…" field enter the amount of investment you want to make and click on "Create Invoice".

Paso Opcional - Billetera Digital

Optional Step

Digital wallet

To make the payment of the invoice, you must transfer the cryptocurrencies from your digital wallet.

We recommend Binance for this. Here is a tutorial to register and buy Bitcoins on this platform.

If you already have a digital wallet you can skip this step.

Pay the invoice in Quantum

Step 3

Invoice payment

After creating the invoice, a modal will appear with the addresses of the Quantum wallets.

You can send the amount to be paid to either the Bitcoin (BTC) wallet or the USDT (TRC20) wallet.

* If you want to activate the Executive membership (1.5% daily profit), send an additional 5%. For example, if your investment is $100, send $105.

Adquired plan in Quantum

Step 4

Adquired plan

When you have transferred the cryptocurrencies to the Quantum wallet, on the main screen you will see the "active package" reflected in the amount of your investment.

This is your first investment in Quantum. Congratulations!
In 72 hours you will start generating profits automatically.

Do you want to increase your profit to 1.5%?

Activate the Executive membership and start earning 1.5% diary of your investment.

Quantum App and Quantum NFT Collections

Quantum Oficial

Quantum App and Quantum NFT Collections

Coming soon.